The following biography is adapted from the book "Volo di un Angelo," written by Angela’s aunt, Ada Musco
Angela was born in Rome on October 16, 1948. Her beautiful smile was a shining reflection of a purity very much grounded in her sensitive spirit.

She loved the Virgin Mary with incomparable and unspeakable affection. The Rosary was always her companion during her entire brief pilgrimage on earth.

Endowed with a very exuberant personality, Angela radiated optimism and courage to all those who were fortunate to meet her.

She endured with great patience the painful suffering caused by leukemia; and with as much heroism she gradually detached herself from everything she had always loved.

How much dignity and strength Angela showed during her long and heroic periods of silences! She preached by her example of total confidence and trust in God.

She often used to say:
“Come, all who are weary and heavy laden; give to me all your troubles and pains. I will bring them to Jesus, and all your great lions will turn into little lambs!”

She went to the Lord at 10:20 A.M., the morning of Holy Monday, March 27, 1961.

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