In order to speed up the Cause for Angela’s Beatification, please send us documentation and details of any favors received through her intercession.

Who are guiding the world with loving heart,
Who are offering yourself to the world as a victim of love,
Who are transforming the world with the strength of love,
may our invocations to Angela,
be rewarded by blessings for our souls and bodies,
and may our prayers fit in your great project of love.

Three GLORY BE for Angelaís glorification.
- With the ecclesiastical approval of Fermoís Archbishop Curia Ė

The Postulator for the Cause for Beatification is Mons. Eduardo D'Avino

Angela, pray the Lord for us;
ask the Father to shower us with light,
to fill our hearts with love and peace
for all our brothers.
Angela, show us your love today
by obtaining for us the grace we need.
O lily of the Lord,
we canít help but admire you!
Your great purity
is like the morning dew
on fresh green leaves.
O angel of the Lord,
be always with us!
Lead us on the way of peace,
celestial and sublime,
towards the infinite
and eternal light of God.
Thank you, Angela!


When I see you,
O angel of Paradise,
my heart leaps for joy.
O fresh lily of Heaven,
seraph of love and peace,
let us walk together,
inflamed with love for Jesus
and for the Eternal Father.
O angel of God,
blessed with divine favors,
be always with us,
enlighten our souls,
and strengthen our steps.


Angela, I never had the pleasure to know you -- until this day.
And now your look goes deep into my heart.
You know what I need and what I wish.
I donít deserve it.
I havenít had the strength to imitate you.
I have rejected the cross given to me;
it seemed too big to bear;
I had forgotten that Jesus carried a heavy cross and died for us.
Please tell Jesus that I repent,
and that I will do everything
to accept the cross that God designed for me.
Thank you, Angela!

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